2018 Wedding Trends

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Wedding planning can be a little crazy and stressful right? And when it comes to finding a theme for your big day and invites, there can just be so many ideas and styles to choose from...where do you begin?! 

I hear you! When planning my own wedding, I found Pinterest such an amazing place for inspiration, but at the same time really overwhelming! If you are feeling the same way, I’ve got your back!

I have put together my guide to the top five wedding themes for 2018, to get you inspired and bang on trend for the new year, whilst taking the stress off your plate too. Scroll down my friend to have a little nosey...


1. Marbling

You might remember having a go at marbling paper when you were in primary school... well it’s moved on a hell of a lot since then! I see big things for marbling next year, anything from cakes to wedding invitations. The design is so versatile, that it can fit with any colour scheme too - ding ding, wedding bonus points right there!


2. Neon

One of my faves for next year has to be be neon! Yes it is very bright, but if you are after something truly different and want to stand out from the crowd, then this is the trend for you. If you have the budget, you can get some beautiful effects by having letterpress-printed invitations using neon inks... gorgeous!


3. Transparent elements

You may have seen a lot of this on Pinterest already, and this trend is definitely here to stay next year too. Whether it’s clear perspex table plans, menus and signage, or semi-transparent vellum paper invites; this trend can fit in perfectly with a modern-style wedding or a more whimsical and rustic look too. 


4. Dark and moody with touches of gold

I have so many couples asking about gold foiling for their wedding stationery, and the majority really love rose gold. I don’t think foiling has lost its shine just yet, but I do think it will move on slightly next year. Instead of being teamed with blush pink and pastel shades, I think more and more people with be opting for darker colours, like blacks, plumbs and teals. These colours, paired with gold, really add a touch of class, and are especially perfect for a winter wedding.


5. Foliage and cooper

I love this theme, beautiful greenery and industrial copper... you wouldn’t think it would work, but it so does! This trends can be carried across venue styling, wedding stationery, cakes and flowers. Using greenery and foliage, rather that a lot of fresh flowers can also be a money saver too, if you are trying to keep that spreadsheet of yours in a happy place. 


And there you have it it, my guide to the top weddings trends for 2018. I hope you are feeling inspired, now go forth and conquer, set some trends, and most importantly - get creative!




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Dark moody colours with gold
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